When to rethink the hiring of personal loans?

As mentioned by the BBVA entity in its article on the refusal of loans: “Like a private detective traces the lives of others, risk analysts dive into the documents to draw conclusions of our intention to pay the loans”. Before deciding firmly to obtain a personal loan, we must become our own risk analyst and determine if depending on the situation in which we find ourselves, a personal loan is appropriate or if it is better to bet on another alternative. If we make this small check before trying to obtain financing with a personal credit, we will be able to avoid not only that our request is not processed, but also possible impediments when facing the reimbursement of the money.

If at any time we need financing and we want to access a personal loan in Spain, these are some situations in which we can find ourselves and in which it never hurts to know what we can do about it to get our money:

Most personal loans are not granted if the claimant does not have a permanent address in the Spanish territory. The verification that we reside in Spain is done through the verification of our ID. If for some reason we have moved abroad and need money, we probably can not get it unless we try it in our new country. Despite this, there are alternatives that we can know with the free “Finance abroad” guide.

If we do not have regular, sufficient and justifiable income …

We must know that if we are in this situation, in a large number of entities we can not access our loan with a personal guarantee because we do not have stable, demonstrable and sufficient income. Obviously, the income required in smaller amounts requested will not be so high compared to those that will require us if we ask, for example, a loan to pay a reform of 20,000 euros. In fact, if we need financing in a timely manner there are mini-credit entities such as Qu├ęBueno that can offer up to 900 euros to be repaid within a maximum period of one month and, in this company, they probably will not demand that our income be so high.

If our credit history is not suitable or we have fallen into a default …

The credit history of each one of us indicates the way in which we have managed the financial commitments ; in the case of not having faithfully paid our debts, this is recorded in the record and the entity in question may consult it to determine if it is convenient to lend us the money or if, on the other hand, they consider it a risk they would prefer not to assume. If, on the other hand, our name is registered in a register of defaulters and what we need is to request a loan with ASNEF, we should look for credit institutions that accept people with this profile.

How to know which loans with the personal guarantee we can access?

Today there are many online services that allow us to know all the financing offers that we have at our disposal and the benefits of each one. In fact, the comparators have become one of the most used tools when looking for financing; because through them, we can know information regarding requirements, advantages, amounts, and costs. In the end, these will be the variables that, together with our economic situation, will determine if what suits us a personal loan of certain characteristics or if, on the contrary, it is better to look for other possibilities that are made to measure the US.